local targeting search engine placement

LOCAL Placement Means Reaching Customers in Your Region Only

AT Doby-Tech, we can target your customers located only in your region. If you offer a regional product or service, we specialize on focusing on individual profitable markets in order to lower costs and increase your bottom line.

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radius targeting search engine placement

RADIUS Placement Offers Precision Targeting

We take Local Placement one step further with Radius Targeting. This method allows us to draw a radius as small as 20mi. around a specific location. We're able to target specific suburbs or areas of cities, putting your products and services in front of your targeted audience.

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national search engine placement

NATIONAL Placement Increases Your Company's Reach and Exposure

If you offer a product or service that needs national exposure, you will benefit from our National Search Engine Placement Services. Examples of placement reach: Canada, Russia, Japan, UK, New Zealand, Australia, India, Argentina, Brazil, China, Mexico.

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global search engine placement

GLOBAL Placement Puts You In Front of the World

Target customers all over the world with Global SEP. Advertise to exciting new markets such as China, Australia and Japan. Competing on a global level can be tough with high traffic search phrases, but no one works harder than Doby-Tech to give you top results each time.

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