Search Engine Placement

Search Engine Placement (SEP) puts your company in the sponsored links section on Google. And it is by far the fastest and most effective Google marketing strategy to get your customer's attention.

Years of experience in marketing and expertise in SEP campaigns are what keep our customers #1 on Google and #1 with their customers.

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search engine placement targeting specific area locally, radius, nationally, globally

Targeting Your Customers

In the past few years, Google has revolutionized advertising by allowing specific customer targeting — Locally, by Radius, Nationally and Globally.

Here's the best part, targeting can actually save you money! By not competing with irrelevant markets, your costs remain lower, thus increasing your return on investment.

Put your advertising dollars to work by allowing us to help you pinpoint your market.

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  • Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) helps promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs).

  • In addition to Search Engine Placement we also offer:
     • Display Advertising
     • Web Analytics
     • Email Marketing
     • Video & Audio Advertising

  •  • Search Engine Optimizing (SEO)
     • and more!

These applied techniques gets you noticed in the Sponsored AND Non-Sponsored pages on search engines.

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Website & Ecommerce Design Services, plus...

Gone are the days of "pretty" websites. In today's market, your website has to be cutting-edge, and skillfully crafted.

Studies show that you get about 5 seconds to capture your audience once they land on your site. And then with each click your chances of losing your customers increases dramatically.

Our design services work together with Paid Placement and Internet Marketing to further drive valuable customers to your site. After all, isn't that what it's all about?

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RELAX and take a deep breath. We'll talk you through the whole process.
If you're new to online advertising, you don't have to worry about getting lost in the jargon. Getting started is easy and fun. Give us a call and we'll step you through all your options. You won't be disappointed!

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When we hired Doby-Tech to handle our paid placement, we were skeptical. There are so many companie out there, we weren't sure who to trust. They were so nice, and walked us through the entire process. We've been with them for almost a year now and have no regrets. We are consistently on the front page of Google and our sales have almost tripled from last year!more testimonials
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